Welcome to Volunteer Knit Apparel, Inc.

Volunteer Knit Apparel, Inc. has historically been a provider of private-label garments. Today, we continue to produce goods for some of the best-known labels in the industry!

The Volunteer main offices are located in New Tazwell, TN we have two knitting operations plants for goods such as tubular-knit jerseys and pique goods.

Our Bleaching facility in New Tazewell, TN and our dye house in Knoxville, TN are capable of processing cotton, blends, and 100% synthetics to military specifications.

Our state-of-the-art sewing facility can produce a multitude of knit garments, and we continue to produce for many of the better-known labels. We have automated many operations, and we can focus on increased production without a sacrifice in quality. We can produce many thousands of dozens per week.

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